Innovating Shelter for Those in Need

Shelter: The RDM

The RDM (Rapid Deployment Module) represents an innovative product and approach to solving one of humanity’s major issues: shelter. As we continue to develop and deploy our shelters, Visible Good will provide visible, sustainable and real impact on the ground to communities in need by creating and managing the pathway for funders and partners to successfully and completely fulfill the need for shelters of many types and sizes. It all begins with the RDM.


Single Units generally sell for $15,000-$18,000 depending on the customization’s. Multi Units utilize a connector device which can be purchased either separately or as part on the larger system – Prices start at approximately $28,000 for a multi-plex unit.

“RDM” stands for: Rapid Deployment Module

It is a small building designed to provide safe, insulated, securable, semi-permanent shelter in disaster-stricken areas.

Comprised of just 40-odd pieces, it can be shipped and assembled quickly and easily without the use of special tools or skilled labor.

Because it has an integrated floor structure, it sits just slightly off the ground – a great benefit in wet or insect-ridden areas.

Hybrid structure rivaling the deployment speed and cost of tents but offering a raised floor shelter with more security, durability and weather appropriateness.

  • Hard walls, locking doors and windows provide security and safety
  • Lightweight wall and floor system produces a comfortable, well insulated interior
  • The unit sits on adjustable feet, keeping the floor off the ground and away from insects, vermin and minor flooding
  • Lightweight roof is vented, and the shade fly provides passive-cooling and heating
  • Set up does not require tools or hardware
  • Sets up with 2 people in about 30 minutes
  • With the use of Connectors the Shelter Units can also be interconnected to form multiple configurations

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