Innovating Shelter for Those in Need

September 2015 – UNIFIRE INC. is lead distributor for Visible Good

Posted by Tina Newman on September 15, 2015  /   Posted in News

Visible Good has been working closely with it’s lead distributor, Unifire Inc., located in Spokane, Washington.  Unifire Inc. has over 30 years of experience in supplying Federal and State agencies along with commercial clients with dozens of critical products needed for some of the most demanding situations imaginable.  President and owner, Dan Raczykowski says “The Visible Good shelter system is an Integral Part of the temporary shelter Solution” and  sees the RDM as a pivotal product that is coming to market at precisely the right time.  The Shelters and Connector accessory are to be used as demonstration pieces for active presentations at Camp Pendleton, Fairchild Air Force Base and other locations in the next couple of months. These agencies have been in pursuit of easily erectable hard walled shelter systems to replace old and inefficient tents and trailers.

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