June 2, 2015 Voice Of America – Features Visible Good

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June 2, 2015
Star Tides is held at the National War College in Washington, DC.  It features innovative technologies focused on the shelter, energy and clean water market sectors.  VOA News featured Visible Good during its exploration of the shelter marketplace.

Carolyn Turner produced the following video:  Voice of America – Features Visible Good Shelters

“Throughout this week, we are taking a closer look at the Star Tides infrastructure for emergency support and disaster relief recently on exhibit in Washington at the Defense University.  Today VOA’s Carolyn Turner explores a temporary shelter.”

The Cricket System is invited to issue a Proposal for an SBIR Phase II grant with the US Army

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After a very successful Phase I effort, Cricket has been solicited by the US Army to further pursue our technology for shelters that can be quickly and easily deployed to harsh environments. The SBIR Phase II program with the Army would create $1M in funding for two years and result in working structures that can withstand the most extreme conditions on the planet. We continue to develop the RDM and pursue initial funding and sales goals as we await word on the Proposal. As described by one engineer at the US Army Soldiers Systems Center in Natick MA, some current “next generation” shelter technologies are “..expensive and unreliable…” Contrasting to these more complicated systems, one veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan said of the RDM: “…it can be repaired with duct tape, I like that!”