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Visible Good delivers Shelter to Congressman’s Doorstep

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December 13, 2016 Peabody City Hall - 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum

December 13, 2016 Peabody City Hall – 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum

December 2016: Congressman Seth Moulton, District 6, gets a private showing of the Visible Good Shelter. Due to the Congressman’s busy schedule he hasn’t been able to make time to visit Visible Good at our Newburyport warehouse.  We understand, so when the opportunity arose to visit the Peabody City Hall for the 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum, Visible Good decided to bring a shelter to him. Here’s a photo of the Shelter setup directly parallel to the City Hall and only steps from Moulton’s parking spot – indeed the efforts were rewarded and Congressman Moulton spent some time with the Visible Good team inside the shelter on his way into the forum.

October 2015 – Mt Washington Observation Site to be considered for Shelter Testing

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Visible Good and members of the US Army team spent a full day on top of Mount Washington,  where the site was closely reviewed and analyzed as a potential Field Test site for the Army developed Arctic Shelter System designed and manufactured by contract holder Visible Good.  The visit was used to explore adequate testing sites for the 400 sf version of the Arctic RDM.  No plans have been finalized, but the experience of subjecting the extreme-weather version of the RDM to some of “…the worst weather on Earth…” is exciting. Wind conditions often range between 100-200mph at the observation point, coupled with temperatures as cold as -50 F and snowfall of as much as 4 feet in 24 hours. Mt. Washington might just be ….The ultimate cold weather test conditions.

Mt Washington Peak Winter

Mount Washington’s weather is notoriously extreme. In winter, Mount Washington experiences sub-zero temperatures, hurricane-force winds, snow and ice that essentially turn the peak into an Arctic outpost in a temperate climate zone. In fact, winter conditions at its summit can rival those of Mount Everest.

August 2015 – Arctic Shelters are ready for testing

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Visible Good has made its final touches to the Arctic shelter prototypes which are now complete and ready to ship to the US Army.  Too numerous to mention here, the many changes have resulted in an energy efficient module that is lighter weight, assembles with fewer steps and occupies 30% less volume than previous prototype iterations.  The Company looks forward to testing the unit this Fall under extreme weather conditions.

July 12, 2015 – Help Support Education in Nepal

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Visible Good has been engaged in talks with World Education, a Boston-based organization That “…improves the quality of life through education for half a million children and adults in 22 countries…” and is one of UNICEF’s largest partners for education in Nepal.  Our talks center on RDM units for use as replacement schools for the thousands of buildings destroyed or damaged by the devastating earthquake in April and the follow-on tremors.  The World Bank has stated that the recovery in Nepal is likely to take ten years.  With 40+ year’s experience in Nepal, World Ed is taking the long view and Visible Good is happy to support their efforts.  We are currently seeking funding to support the assembly of a dedicated inventory for this purpose.  If interested in providing financial support for this effort, please contact us at

Visible Good sets up a donated shelter for The Food Project in Wenham, MA

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On Thursday June 4th, the Visible Good team delivered and setup a shelter system at The Food Project farm located in Wenham, MA.

Innovent Technologies donated this shelter in an effort to support the Food Project Mission “to grow a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system”.


May 2015 – Nepalese Crisis

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Nepalese Crisis – April and May have been months of serious crisis. Nepal continues to struggle after a 2nd earthquake rattles the already devastated land where too many were killed. Visible Good has replied to multiple inquiries from US based humanitarian organizations to provide much needed shelter to the people. Sadly, the bids have gone unanswered as friendly support has been asked to leave Nepal by the Nepalese Government.
Visible Good with continue to stand by to offer support in the way of shelter, once the tension has subsided and US support is again accepted.

April 2015 – Inventory Production

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Visible Good began additional production of product inventory in April.   The warehouse has been restructured and the production line is in full motion.