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May 2015 – Nepalese Crisis

Posted by Tina Newman on May 20, 2015  /   Posted in Blog

Nepalese Crisis – April and May have been months of serious crisis. Nepal continues to struggle after a 2nd earthquake rattles the already devastated land where too many were killed. Visible Good has replied to multiple inquiries from US based humanitarian organizations to provide much needed shelter to the people. Sadly, the bids have gone unanswered as friendly support has been asked to leave Nepal by the Nepalese Government.
Visible Good with continue to stand by to offer support in the way of shelter, once the tension has subsided and US support is again accepted.

April 2015 – Inventory Production

Posted by Tina Newman on May 12, 2015  /   Posted in Blog

Visible Good began additional production of product inventory in April.   The warehouse has been restructured and the production line is in full motion.