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Update on Hurricane Sandy – A couple of weeks later…

Posted by John Rossi on November 30, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

Sandy BuildingIt has now been several weeks since the storm hit and almost two since our visit. According to both the news and our contacts in the area, little to nothing has been done about shelters on-site in the most devastated areas. For our part, we have been working through NYC firms familiar with the emergency response agencies and the political landscape in an attempt to get noticed and to gain a foothold there. However, progress remains slow and the task daunting. Even Federal and State agencies seem reluctant to bring in their trailers, citing insufficient open space. Indeed, the greatest presence we noticed while there was New York’s Department of Sanitation. They were literally amazing – bringing in equipment, helping to clean up, organize, you name it. We’ll see how things go for Visible Good – and any other shelter providers we hear of – in New York and write about it.

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