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MORSE BARNES-BROWN PENDLETON provide all of the Intellectual Property Protection for Visible Good and its family of products. MBBP features Visible Good on its website as one of its big up and coming companies. Take a look -> BUSINESS TAKES OFF WITH VISIBLE GOOD


The RDM and the Military

Military installations

The RDM has already caught the eye of the US Army, winning an R&D grant for design of a multi-use structure that could withstand harsh environments, would be easily transported and set up and that could show durability over the long run.

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Disaster Relief Disaster NYC

Shelters funded by our corporate , foundation and private sponsors. Visible Good is responsible for the manufacturing and project management for shelter deployment. Deployments focus will be ongoing disaster relief and International Development.

Visible Good has developed several configurations that are suitable for Medical environments, see below:





December 13, 2016 Peabody City Hall - 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum

December 13, 2016 Peabody City Hall – 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum

December 2016: Congressman Seth Moulton, District 6, gets a private showing of the Visible Good Shelter. Due to the Congressmans busy schedule he hasn’t been able to make time to visit Visible Good at our Newburyport warehouse.  We understand, so when the opportunity arose to visit the Peabody City Hall for the 6th District Economic Development Federal Resource Forum, Visible Good decided to bring a shelter to him. Here’s a photo of the Shelter setup directly parallel to the City Hall and only steps from Moulton’s parking spot – indeed the efforts were rewarded and Congressman Moulton spent several minutes inside the shelter on his way into the forum.

October 2016: THE FOOD PROJECT – Ben Zoba Testimonial

” I just wanted to give a shout out to John Rossi and his team from Visible-Good (http://visible-good.com/) for helping us on Friday to move the shed that they designed.Ben from the FOOD PROJECT is proudly HUGGING his Shelter.
The FOOD PROJECT Testimonial

September 2016 – Visible Good wins Mass Ventures STAGE 2 Grant 2016 Winners Mass Ventures

Spring 2016 – Fort Leonard Wood, MO: Visible Good participated in a science and technology demonstration of next generation shelters for forward operating bases.  The RDMs practicality and energy efficiency won high praise from several high-ranking military and civilian leaders, including the Undersecretary of the US Army.

December 6, 2015 – Giz Magazine Article: Disaster By Design: Innovation Emergency Relief Shelters. Giz Magazine touts the Visible Good shelter as one of the most innovative shelter systems in the world.

November 2015 – Visible Goods lead Distributor, Unifire Inc. of Spokane WA has acquired the entire tactical division of SourceOne Distributors, located in Wellington FL.  This acquisition will give Unifire access to nearly $10 Billion  worth of government contracts utilized to support United States Agencies and its Military.

October 2015 – Visible Good and members of the US Army team spent a full day on top of Mount Washington,  where the site was closely reviewed and analyzed as a potential Field Test site for the Army developed Arctic Shelter System designed and manufactured by contract holder Visible Good.  The visit was used to explore adequate testing sites for the 400 sf version of the Arctic RDM.  No plans have been finalized, but the experience of subjecting the extreme-weather version of the RDM to some of “…the worst weather on Earth…” is exciting. Wind conditions often range between 100-200mph at the observation point, coupled with temperatures as cold as -50 F and snowfall of as much as 4 feet in 24 hours. Mt. Washington might just be ….The ultimate cold weather test conditions.

September 2015 – Visible Good has been working closely with it’s lead distributor, Unifire Inc., located in Spokane, Washington.  Unifire Inc. has over 30 years of experience in supplying Federal and State agencies along with commercial clients with dozens of critical products needed for some of the most demanding situations imaginable.  President and owner, Dan Raczykowski says “The Visible Good shelter system is an Integral Part of the temporary shelter Solution” and  sees the RDM as a pivotal product that is coming to market at precisely the right time.  The Shelters and Connector accessory are to be used as demonstration pieces for active presentations at Camp Pendleton, Fairchild Air Force Base and other locations in the next couple of months. These agencies have been in pursuit of easily erectable hard walled shelter systems to replace old and inefficient tents and trailers.

August 2015 – Visible Good has made its final touches to the Arctic shelter prototypes which are now complete and ready to ship to the US Army.  Too numerous to mention here, the many changes have resulted in an energy efficient module that is lighter weight, assembles with fewer steps and occupies 30% less volume than previous prototype iterations.  The Company looks forward to testing the unit this Fall under extreme weather conditions.

July 2015 – Visible Good has been engaged in talks with World Education, a Boston-based organization That “…improves the quality of life through education for half a million children and adults in 22 countries…” and is one of UNICEF’s largest partners for education in Nepal.  Our talks center on RDM units for use as replacement schools for the thousands of buildings destroyed or damaged by the devastating earthquake in April and the follow-on tremors.  The World Bank has stated that the recovery in Nepal is likely to take ten years.  With 40+ year’s experience in Nepal, World Ed is taking the long view and Visible Good is happy to support their efforts.  We are currently seeking funding to support the assembly of a dedicated inventory for this purpose.  If interested in providing financial support for this effort, please contact us at tina@visible-good.com.

June 2015 – Voice Of America News: Features Visible Good Shelters – Watch this short video. Carolyn Turner of VOA produced this video on disaster preparedness.  In October 2014, Visible Good was invited to demonstrate its Rapid Deployment Shelter at the STAR TIDES Event held at the National War College in Washington DC. See Star Tides website for more info….

May 2015 – The Earthquake Devastation in Nepal has created an immediate need for high quality shelter. Visible Good is working diligently to prepare all available inventory for agencies deploying shelter and supplies to the areas of greatest need.

April 2015 – Visible Good began additional production of product inventory in April. The warehouse has been restructured and the production line is in full motion.

December 2014 – Visible Good is proud to provide Medical Teams Worldwide with several shelters systems to be utilized in Africa as a medical center.

September 2014 – Visible Good was asked to present at Catalyst Week held in Las Vegas – focused on the “Downtown Project”, a city project created and funded by Tony Hsieh.  See more…Las Vegas Downtown Project.

June 2014 – Visible Good was recently selected to receive a Phase 1 Start Grant from Mass Ventures for excellence in High Growth Technology in Massachusetts.  See Announcement: Visible Good Wins MA Ventures Phase 1 START Grant

April 2014 – Visible Good spent the several weeks in April testing its new arctic version of the RDM at the Natick Soldier Center in MA.  The shelter performed exceedingly well in both Extreme Cold and High Wind conditions.  Here are few infrared photos from inside the testing chamber………

Infrared RDM before insulation

RDM before insulation

RDM with insulation

RDM with insulation





September 19th, 2013 – Boston.com                                                                                              The Global Business Hub: The need for sustainable disaster relief

June 7th, 2013 – NECN (New England Cable News) Primetime Business Spotlight:  Peter Howe: Mass Company has out of the box approach to shelter

June 4th, 2013 – UBM Future Cities publishes Video on Visible Good by: Nicole Ferraro and Dan Allen  – Meet Your New Disaster Relief Shelter.

May 29th, 2013 –  Front Page Article published in the Newburyport Daily News:Port Company sends relief to tornado torn Oklahoma by:Mac Cerullo

May 23rd, 2013 – Article published by YourOliveBranch.org:  Deploying Better Shelters, For The Next Big Weather Disaster by Ariel Schwartz

May 6th, 2013 – Read the latest article published in the Newburyport Daily News: Breaking down walls Port company’s portable shelters ready to go global. by Will Courtney

April 25th, 2013 – Visible Good wins award at MIT’ In-NOW-Vation Event: “Most likely to be acquired by Dr. Evil in his plan for World Domination”

April 17th, 2013 – Visible Good article published in Engineering.com: See article Shelter Assembly in 25 Minutes. No Tools Required.

April 16, 2013 – Visible Good article published in GizMag.com: See article Rapid Deployment Module shelter assembles in 25 minutes, no tools required

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